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Toyota C‑HR

Toyota C‑HR

Leave Ordinary Behind.
From €195 per month* with our new 202 Finance contribution offer
Leave Ordinary Behind.
From €195 per month* with our new 202 Finance contribution offer

The road is yours

With a sculptured, angular exterior the Toyota C-HR has an unmistakable silhouette. Its broad stance and progressive styling lend it an air of dynamism while its premium finishes turn heads and give the Toyota C-HR an unconventional attitude.

  • Wake up the city

    From the redesigned front end through to the new rear-light design, the C-HR is as elegant as it is individual and refined. This is a modern coupé designed to disrupt the ordinary. Discover every contour and explore every detail of its angular exterior. You won't be disappointed.

  • Enjoy the moment

    You have an eye for design and an ear for music, that's why the new Toyota C-HR has been designed to delight your senses. With seats that hug your every contour, strong diamond patterns that add a premium touch, and a JBL audio system that lets you take the gig wherever you go; this is an SUV that's designed to be enjoyed.

  • Conquer the road

    The next level Hybrid experience is here. With instant power, responsive acceleration and excellent efficiency, this is a Hybrid that's defying tradition. Commanding to drive, the Toyota C-HR is an urban SUV that conquers every road, and does it in style.

Set yourself apart

Toyota C-HR is both style and substance. It looks the part with its sleek, dynamic exterior, it feels the part with its unique, premium interior and it acts with its 1.8L Hybrid powertrain and new 2.0l Dynamic Force Hybrid powertrain. This is the complete urban SUV, inside and out.

Be unique

Gripping performance

The new Toyota C-HR embodies urban mobility. A low, wide stance keeps you stable through corners, its instant acceleration makes overtaking a breeze.

Configure your Toyota C-HR
Be unique

Satisfy your senses

Lining the cabin are soft-touch surfaces which are contrasted by glossy black inserts, and as day fades, the mood changes, and you're bathed in the soft blue glow of the ambient lighting (standard from Sports grade). Comfort has never looked so good.

Be unique

You do life, we do safety

It’s reassuring to know that Toyota C-HR is equipped with some of the most sophisticated safety technologies available. So whilst you’re focusing on life, Toyota C-HR will be concentrating on your safety.

Explore safety features

Defy the norm

In a world full of ordinary - stand out, disrupt convention and trust in the value of the extraordinary. The Toyota C-HR's angular design shouts dynamism while its formidable power and unforgiving ability are an uncompromising ode to the SUV. Enjoy life’s adventures in the new Toyota C-HR.

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